How to Apply

Graduating seniors print the appropriate application and return it to your Guidance Counselor by March 15th.

Kimberly Zwierzynski, Saraland High School Guidance Counselor.

Jessica Coleman, Satsuma High School Guidance Counselor.

Robbie E. Durr, Career Counselor, Chickasaw High School

Below are the Scholarships available for 2023 – 2024

Scholarships Awarded

To remain eligible each year, the student must present documentation to prove they were a full-time student and maintained a 2.5 GPA.

Scholarships have been awarded to the students listed below:

Saraland High School Scholarships

Courtney Brooke Cooner, Scholarship, 2019-2020

Brannon Tisdale, Scholarship, 2020-2021, Mississippi State University

Madison Gaillard, The Hudson Scholarship, 2021-2022, Auburn University

Natalie Criswell, Scholarship, 2022-2023, University of Mobile

Emily Dietz, Ron and Theresa Mitchell Scholarship, 2023-2024, University of Mobile

Satsuma High School Scholarships

Ryleigh Faith Rawson, Mildred Blass Scholarship, 2019-2020, University of Mobile

Conner Erickson Holm, Fritz E. Danzey Gator Legacy Park Scholarship, 2020,2021, University of South Alabama

Jade Laffette, Walter and Lena Anderson Scholarship, 2021-2022, University of South Alabama

Allie Bowdoin, Carolyn Owens Scholarship, 2022-2023, University of South Alabama

Rayce McGuff, Mildred Blass Scholarship, 2023-2024, Auburn University

Chickasaw High School Scholarships

Aimya Patrick, Scholarship, 2019-2020

Sarah Rhodes, Scholarship, 2020-2021, Auburn University

Sallylia Williams, Scholarship, 2021-2022, Troy University

Kelsey Cawthon, Daniel Cowart Scholarship, 2022-2023, Springhill College

Kaden Ward, SSC Foundation Scholarship, 2023-2024, Bishop State College