Over 40 years of scholarships given.

In 1981 Betty Graham, Judy Saxon and Barbara Scarbrough founded the Saraland-Satsuma Community Education Advisory Council, Inc. to fund scholarships for Satsuma High School seniors. They solicited community leaders from the cities of Saraland and Satsuma to help with fund raising and service activities.

The first scholarship in 1981 was a one time $250.00 scholarship. Later the scholarship was increased to a one time $500.00 scholarship. Now we give a $3000.00 scholarship spread over four years. The student receives $750.00 per year. The student must present documentation showing they were a full-time student and a 2.5 minimum GPA.  We serve three high schools: Satsuma High School, Saraland High School and Chickasaw High School. One senior from each high school will receive a $3000.00 scholarship.

A number of years ago we started investing donations and fund raising money so the interest earned would be a perpetual source of scholarship funding. That fund has grown to over $150,000 and produces interest to help the scholarships. One half the interest is invested to help grow the principal and one half to fund scholarships. No money is used for administrative salaries or fees. 100% of donated money goes to scholarships.

Thank you Betty, Judy and Barbara for starting a program that is helping young people achieve their dream of a college education.

2023-2024 Board Officers

President: Jackie Benson

Vice President: Kay Johnson

Secretary: Patricia Kiser

Barbara Scarbrough, Co-Treasurer

Ron Mitchell, Co-Treasurer

2023-2024 Board Members

Mildred Blass

Kim Bufalo

Carolyn Sue Cain

Rashaad Ely

Carolyn Owens

Gail Meyers Driver

Jeanette Greene

Dr. Veronica Hudson

Regina McMillian

Linda Robbins

Sharron Upton

Marquis Westry

Ex-officio Members

Dr. Brent Harrison
Superintendent of Saraland City Schools

Dr. Timothy Guinn
Superintendent of Satsuma City Schools

Dr. David Wofford
Superintendent of Chickasaw City Schools

Mr. Scott Croley
Principal of Saraland High School

Mr. David Diaz,
Principal of Satsuma High School

Arnold Cox
Principal of Chickasaw High School